Rotary and DTH Blast Hole
Drilling Rigs for Mining

Jackless Drills
for construction and mining

Water Well Drilling Rigs including
Dual rotary and Hydro-Fracturing Units

Exploratory Drilling Rigs for Mineral
Water and shallow oil wells

Drilling Solutions

REL manufactures and markets Blast Hole Drills (Rotary and DTH, Diesel / Electric driven) for mining applications, Jackless Drills for Construction and Mining applications, Water Well Drills (upto 1000 mtrs depth and beyond), Hydro-Fracturing Units and Exploratory Drills (upto 1300 mtrs depth).

REL’s drilling rigs are used extensively in mines such as coal, copper, gold, iron, zinc, phosphate, bauxite, lignite, limestone, etc. These have been exported and are working in 6 continents of the world. REL has manufactured and sold more than 1000 drilling rigs, over 4 decades, to customers worldwide. REL offers drilling equipment with hole sizes ranging from 63 mm (2 ½”) to 349 mm (13 ¾”). REL also offers customers a comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Contract (MARC), which enables them to outsource the maintenance of all their drilling equipment.